What we do

We provide IT advice and help to businesses who need it. For small businesses, that might be because it doesn’t make sense to have full time IT staff. For larger businesses, it’s because you need the flexibility to use specialist skills and experience. Whatever the logic, it’s important to us that we help you to make sense of your investment in IT.

We provide advice, installation and troubleshooting for hardware and software. We sell PCs, network equipment and software. We build networks and websites. We set up email. We find the right skills and resources to help you with your projects. The best way to understand what we can do for you is to read these examples of customer projects.

Recent projects

Web update
We’ve just moved one company’s website to a new hosting provider. This has cut their costs in half and simplified their administration: one company now provides their webspace, domain and mail hosting. Support is simpler (we provide it) and, if they ever need to move in the future, the process will be easier. While we were at it, we tidied up some spelling mistakes and changed the contact forms to reduce the risk of becoming a target for spam.

We also uncovered a loophole in their confidentiality which would have allowed them to be sued under the Data Protection Act, not to mention exposing customer data and giving away potential sales leads. So we fixed that too.

Virtual Private Network
For another company, we set up a VPN. This allows staff to work from home or from customers’ premises whilst still using the same contacts database. It also makes it easier to provide remote support when they have problems.

Disaster averted
A couple of months ago, we had to rescue a PC whose processor had failed. Despite everything, we managed to recover all of the data and the existing program setup so that the customer could go back to work as if (almost) nothing had happened.

Network upgrade
For another client, we installed three new PCs and upgraded two others so that they can all share files and contact information. We added a new laser printer and a print server to allow them to share this. We’ve installed wireless networking and helped them move their payroll and time recording systems to the new machines.

Whether you need new equipment or advice on what systems to choose, call us on 01279 833705.